10 Coolest Video Game Secrets From Imported Saves

Never delete your save files!

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Part of the thrill of being a gamer is that there are so many exciting things to strive for.

Whether it's achievement hunting, completing stories, speedrunning or any other number of experiences, it's safe to say there's a lot of content to make players smile. But, one of the most exciting things a gamer can achieve is a satisfying unlock.

Discovering new content in a game makes the title feel like a treasure trove of discovery. This is why players have been wowed for years by secret unlockables, ranging from new skins to playable characters to whole new sections of the map. Typically, you put in as much as you get back, as you can earn these little gaming treats by completing demanding tasks or finishing the game's story. But, that's not always the case.

No, rather than going through the motions or pulling out all the stops, these ten secrets are unlockable through nothing more than having pre-existing video game saves. It's a testament to the genius of the industry and the interconnectedness of the gaming world itself.

If you want any of these special unlocks, then you'd better dig out some memory sticks.

10. TEN Alternate Costumes For Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

sleeping dogs deus ex

Spider-Man has had a real varied time on the console market.

While the modern-day Spidey has certainly hit his stride with the incredible Insomniac titles, he's had a deep history with gaming that dates back all the way to 1982, with games ranging from good to not so good. Still, one thing that has been consistent in Peter Parker's gaming repertoire is his wicked array of eye-catching costumes.

Typically, you'll earn these new Spidey suits by completing missions or tasks, but that wasn't the case for the 2011 game Edge of Time. No, this Beenox title would grant you ten alternative costumes right away if you had a save file for their previous web-slinging title Shattered Dimensions on your hard drive. That sure is one way to reward brand loyalty!

This set included costumes like the Scarlet Spider, Secret War and Negative Zone suits. Meaning you really did get your money's worth if you invested in Beenoxes previous game.


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