10 Coolest Video Game Secrets Of 2022

This year's most awesome gaming Easter Eggs.

Horizon forbidden west

What makes video games special compared to movies or books is that they are the only medium that allows you to go off the beaten path. In fact, you are often times rewarded for it.

Great stories and narratives are one thing certainly but gaming is at its best when it allows us to explore, experiment and create memories by taking a look down the other path rather than the one that continues the story. Games with good secrets remain in our hearts and minds because of that feeling of discovery.

If they love a game then players are going to naturally want to comb through it to savour every last drop so devgelopers might as well leave them something to find. The best part about secrets in gaming is that they can take any number of forms and the variety is truly what makes them so delectable. Every game is always a wonderful unknown and the potential for Easter Eggs, for those that love the hunt, is an intoxicating one.

This list looks at some of the best of the hidden material in games released in 2022. From touching tributes to great unlockables, the following secrets just made our year all the sweeter.

10. Paying Tribute - Gotham Knights

Horizon forbidden west
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Following up the Arkham series, Gotham Knights was always going to have its work cut out for it but you can’t deny that the developers did their best to show their love of the source material.

The game is chock-full of references to the DC Universe and the huge lineage of the Batman franchise as a whole. The gang’s Belfry hideout alone is fit to burst with references to the likes of Ace the Bat-Hound and the histories and relationships between many characters.

However, some of the best references are touching tributes to people outside of the stories themselves. In Gotham Hospital, players can come across a plaque for Neal Adams.

The name may not mean much to most gamers, but Adams is credited with some of Bats’ best adventures during the hero’s bronze age and even the creation of the Ras-Al-Ghul, who is a leading antagonist in this very adventure.

Similarly, in Old Gotham, there is a tribute to George Pérez, who also shaped the DC Universe. Most prominently, he co-created the New Teen Titans which included the character of Nightwing so, quite literally, Gotham Knights doesn’t exist without him.

It’s a loving homage to two legends who passed away earlier in 2022.


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