10 Craziest Hidden Characters In Video Games

Darth Maul in Tony Hawk's was the BEST.

tony hawks pro skater 3 darth maul

Bizarre hidden characters tend to be the domain of fighting games and while I’ve certainly got some on this list, it turns out fighting game devs aren’t the only ones who like to spice things up with some silly secret additions.

There are plenty of impressive unlockable characters in games with some fine in-game lore to go with them, but I wanted to opt for the weirdest ones I could find. As always let me know in that comment section if I miss out on mentioning your favourite, but for now here are the 10 Craziest Hidden Characters In Video Games.


10. Darth Maul - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

tony hawks pro skater 3

Darth Maul barely scrapes in here because there’s a good chance you know you can get him as a playable character in the game but, look, he does need to be unlocked and it’s freaking Darth Maul on a skateboard so we gotta include this.

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series is no stranger to some quirky hidden characters, over its tenure the games have featured a variety of oddball skaters pulling off kickflips including Wolverine, Doom Guy, Spider-Man, and Shrek. But perhaps the silliest, and as a result the most entertaining, is being able to pop an infamous Sith Lord on a skateboard. The fan favourite baddie is playable once you collect all the gold medals and and complete all 54 goals in Career Mode which is, well, a lot, but Darth Maul on a skateboard!

Darth Maul can also randomly force choke NPCs, and use the force on his hoverboard, all the while wielding his lightsaber.

In fact, if you select the Zabrack from the skate shop menu the shopkeeper will start choking which is pretty fun. What’s also fun is using the cheat code YOHOMIES instead of doing all that unlocking busywork.

I’m gonna let you go ahead and decide if this is canon, though.


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