10 Creepy Fighting Game Characters That ANNIHILATED You

No face? No thanks.

hisako Killer Instinct

The fighting game realm is peppered with all kinds of fearsome opponents, from the horrifying toothy foes of Mortal Kombat to the less terrifying Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, who’s still going to kick your butt six ways from Sunday.

But what about the opponents that managed to give us the full on creep factor and absolutely decimate us?

From endgame bosses to characters on the roster, we’ve got a list prepped so you know who to avoid if you’re not up for a skin-crawling, controller-smashing bad time.


10. Eyedol - Killer Instinct

killer instinct eyedol

When mixing pure power with nightmare fuel there are few better places to start than with Killer Instinct’s Eyedol.

Eyedol is a two-headed Cyclops which kind of doesn’t make him a Cyclops any more technically but you wouldn’t want to say that to his face. His design exemplifies the attention to detail that Killer Instinct pour into their characters. In his 2013 model they just straight up split his singular face in two and despite the fact that you can now literally see his brain, Eyedol was never a walkover.

The body horror nightmare is curiously inconsistent with his attacks. He may begin slowly chucking the odd fireball and then all of a sudden he’s in your face combo-ing you to pieces.

He also has this nasty tendency to regenerate, instant block, and do a crazy amount of damage with every one of those combos he lands on you. This is especially true of his original appearance where he hits hard, moves fast, and heals constantly. Yucky to look at and yucky to fight.


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