10 Creepy Secrets Behind Classic Video Games

P.T. just got even scarier.

PT Playable Teaser

The sheer gargantuan nature of video game production means that there's always a ton going on beneath the surface of even the most basic game that we as players simply have no idea about.

And while much of that is nothing more than the banal technical "guts" of a game that don't interest most players, developers will often take the time to include sneaky secrets and Easter eggs for fans to actively seek out or just accidentally stumble upon.

Every so often, these secrets won't so much be cute nods or references for fans, but genuinely freaky oddball flourishes that'll leave you wishing you hadn't even bothered looking.

These 10 games, regardless of their genre, all thoroughly creeped players out with their most eerie and ominous secrets, from game-changing pieces of lore to insane cut content which hackers retrieved, crazy glitches and everything else in-between.

Needless to say, none of these games will be quite the same again once you know these hair-raising secrets, so proceed with caution...

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