10 Creepy Video Game Easter Eggs You Can't Explain

The embodiment of WTF.

GTA 4 Heart

Easter Eggs are a staple in any video game, with developers constantly hiding little secrets, illusive nods and tonnes of pop culture references in their games. And there are some legendary examples that have transcended into the gaming pantheon. From Link being in Mario to the millions of hidden Konami Code secrets, gaming is rife with cool hidden gems.

But sometimes developers taunt curious gamers with creepy and disturbing secrets, explicitly designed to unnerve players before disappearing entirely. Adding hidden scares and creepy imagery is almost a must, as developers go further and further to come up with the most bizarre and inexplicable in-game secrets.

They are the perfect way to keep players on their toes, as you can be venturing into a completely light-hearted and fun game only to be faced with a freaky undertone. And then the player never quite knows how far the rabbit hole goes.

If you are expecting answers, this isn't the place for you. Like Nicholas Cage's movie picking method, these are completely unexplained and utterly baffling. And like Nick Cage, we'd never have it any other way.

10. World Of Warcraft - Goldshire Children

GTA 4 Heart

There are plenty of opportunities to introduce creepy easter eggs in World of Warcraft. And with all the desolate, dark and disturbing places the game has to offer, Blizzard decided to put their eeriest easter egg in the charming and rather quaint town of Goldshire.

At 7:00 am server time a group of children spawn and leave their house, running outside and assembling into a pentagram shape. They run around for a bit, always keeping that pentagram shape, before returning to their house and standing completely still.

Players will hear creepy music and distorted voices murmuring 'You...Will... DIE..." and "Death is close"

Exactly one hour later they despawn and disappear, only to perform the cycle again the next day. Supposedly a nod to the Diablo series, the inexplicable children have no in-game reference, no dialogue, nothing to explain their behaviour. Just creepy children doing creepy children things.

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