10 Creepy Video Game Secrets That Will Chill Your Blood

Never trust bathroom mirrors...

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Video games are notorious for hiding secrets throughout their digital worlds. Their prevalence is so well known, in fact, that there are devout players out there who make it their mission to scavenge every pixel in a bid to see if a sneaky developer has tucked something away there.

Whenever exploring a game, taking a detour off the beaten path is an almost certain method for finding some of these secrets for yourself. After all, the developers put these pathways in their game for a reason so it’s only fair to see where - or what - they could lead to.

If we’re lucky, our explorations could yield discoveries of pop-culture references, sly industry in-jokes, or they might not lead to anything at all.

But sometimes what we find could send a shiver down our spine, making us wish that we just followed the objective marker.

Alongside all the light-hearted Easter Eggs players love to find, developers aren’t afraid to slip in some genuinely creepy creations into their games, too, that can turn even the most inconspicuous titles into nightmarish horror experiences.

Find these chilling video game secrets if you dare.

10. Death Stranding - Monster Under The Bed

Hitman contracts ghost
Kojima Productions

To say Death Stranding is a weird game is a hyperbolic understatement – and that shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as it came from the brilliantly insane mind of Hideo Kojima.

Set in a post-apocalyptic America in which players will spend dozens of hours trekking over the empty landscape to deliver parcels with a baby strapped to their chest, it's clear Death Stranding is covered in Kojima’s idiosyncratic fingerprints. Likewise, it just wouldn’t be a Kojima game if it weren't full of off-the-wall Easter Eggs.

Amongst an assortment of celebrity cameos and numerous cheeky pop-culture references, Death Stranding has some secrets that are even more chilling than a horde of BTs.

One of the creepiest occurs when hanging out in Sam's room and you - for whatever reason - decide to stare at Norman Reedus’s crotch. Understandably, he won’t be too pleased with this and will attempt to cover himself. Persist in your perverse gazing and he’ll give you the finger and even punch the camera.

Fail to take the hint and the game will punish you with an inky monster appearing from under the bed to give you an unexpected fright.

And yes, that creature is also a cameo from Kojima himself.


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