10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

Critics and players rarely see eye to eye, and these games prove it.


Critical reviews have always been at the centre of the video game world. Making or breaking a new release depending on the score it receives, the response surrounding a title always becomes an immediate talking point, with discussion getting heated when some publications don't line up with others.

Such consensus isn't just important to players, though, as developers often have clauses in their contracts that require them to hit a certain number on Metacritic in order to receive a bonus or to be considered a success.

With that said, as the years have worn on, it's become increasingly apparent that critics and players aren't on the same page.

Despite the stock people put into official reviews, critics and fans are often divided on the biggest releases, resulting in acclaimed video games that players actually hate, and big titles that were shat on by publications ending up being loved by fans.

The divide between the two camps is only getting bigger, but some major releases have reflected it more than others. The critics don't always get it right, and these games prove it.


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