10 Cult Gaming Classics That Deserved Mainstream Success

7. The Getaway

The-GGetaway1 Grand Theft Auto is unequivocally the king of sandbox crime but The Getaway still contains a better and more personal story than all of them. There may not be any citywide hijinks or side activities but it€™s made up for with pulse pounding adrenaline as you control a father in a relentless rush to save his son from London's crime underworld. Upon reaching the second half, the game twists itself going in a different and even more exciting direction towards its climactic ending. The Getaway admittedly didn€™t offer much to do in London but the intensity of driving across it frantically while timed is still unmatched. Its healing was one of the pioneers in regenerating health and the shootouts were chaotically tense. The game did get a sequel but unfortunately it was awful encapsulating nothing that caused its predecessor to prevail.

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