10 D*ck Move Video Game Achievements Made By Developers

Achievement Unlocked: Congratulations, you've withstood the developer's nonsense.

Red Dead Redemption Achievement

Achievements and trophies, video game’s form of digital bling and a numerical representation of how much of your life you have wasted engrossed in imaginary worlds.

For the longest time, these otherwise meaningless scores and virtual trinkets have been an obsession of dedicated gamers across the world, hellbent on one-upping their friends and proving who is the alpha-gamer.

Developers know this, of course, and often have fun creating their achievement lists as a way of guiding gamers through all aspects of their lovingly crafted worlds and lore. This can be cheeky nods to prior games and other series, making the user play through their game in a different way to how they normally would, or, frustratingly, as a way of showing the player the middle finger!

Yep, some video game devs love nothing more than to completely ruin years of work and dedication from a gamer by adding in silly achievements and unlock requirements to their games, just for the meme (I guess?).

These are 10 such examples of grade-A d*ck moves made by developers who just couldn’t help but mess with the player’s gamer cards and experiences…

10. Bullet Witch

Red Dead Redemption Achievement

There is nothing worse than sinking in hours of hard work and slog to be rewarded with bread crumbs. Imagine working a full 9 hour shift at work, only to be handed a single strip of gum for all you effort.

The same can be said about video games. We have been spoilt since the start of the 7th generation with the gift of achievements, little fragments of gamerscore goodness to help sooth the hardships of challenging scenarios. It's only natural to assume then that harder tasks reward bigger slices of the gamerscore pie, right?

In most cases, yes. But this isn't most cases.

Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter with an emphasis on the use of the main weapon, the gun rod, in addition to multiple magical powers that protagonist, Alicia, can perform. Think Bayonetta, except clunkier, and nowhere near as entertaining.

Upon completing the game on HARD mode, the player is rewarded with CHAOS mode, another opportunity to go through the game again with more challenging set pieces and enemies dealing higher damage, your standard difficulty spike. For completing this mode, you receive a huge 250G reward for your efforts. Not bad. You are also "rewarded" with the defacto highest difficulty, HELL mode.

Rinse and repeat your previous effort and crank them up another notch, and after labouring through hours of a heavier torrent of bullets, your achievement pops.


Developer Cavia's equivalent of patronisingly patting you on the head, making you wonder if all the effort was even truly worth it!

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