10 Darkest Stranger Missions In Red Dead Redemption 2

The best, darkest, and strangest Stranger Missions of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Electric Chair

From hunting legendary animals and bounties, robbing trains, or spending hours upon hours of fishing in the stunningly realised world, there's plenty to keep players busy in Red Dead Redemption 2 outside of its phenomenal main story missions long after the credits roll.

One such optional activity to occupy your time are the Stranger Missions. A handful of finely crafted side missions revolving around various colourful characters you can stumble upon in the world, it's entirely possibly to finish the game without giving those enticing question marks that appear on your map a second thought - but you'd be doing yourself a massive disservice by doing so.

Ranging from genuinely touching moments that further develop Arthur Morgan's journey for redemption in meaningful ways to the all-out insane, these missions are home to some of the best and most memorable moments in the entire game.

Moreover, in true Rockstar fashion, many of these missions venture into some bleak territory. Whether it's to provide a satirical commentary on an aspect of society or to flex the studio's creative muscles, every one of these missions offers a worthwhile experience.

But which of these Stranger Missions was the darkest?

10. A Fisher Of FIsh

Red Dead Redemption 2 Electric Chair

One thing you'll likely spend a lot of time doing during your time with Red Dead Redemption 2 is fishing.

But if it's bigger fish you're after, then you'll want to start the Stranger Mission, A Fisher Of Fish, by chatting to accomplished angler, Jeremy Gill. Handing you a map and requesting you send him all 13 fish, you'll spend hours riding across the entire map to catch them all, some of which can only be accessed during the epilogue.

While catching fish sounds like the furthest thing form being the darkest part of a game contains a vampire, ghosts, and plenty of other strange happenings, sending all the fish to Gill will unlock the final part of the mission where you'll travel with Gill to catch one final fish: the Legendary Channel Catfish.

Described by your companion as the biggest and most dangerous catch yet, you'll be tasked with photographing him when he reels it in.

Unfortunately for Jeremy, though, it's the fish that gets the catch, as it pulls him into the water to his presumed death, leaving only his hat and a special fishing lure behind as your reward.


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