10 Deadliest Enemies In Fallout History

9. Frank Horrigan - Fallout 2

Fallout deathclaw
Black Isle Studios

If there is one thing that most Fallout players would never, ever want to experience it's a Super Mutant with access to power armour, and thankfully while that is not quite the case with Fallout 2's final boss Frank Horrigan, this large lad certainly comes bloody close.

Acting as the final challenge to The Chosen One, Black Isle Studios made sure to give Frank Horrigan all they could to make him an utter ball-ache to battle.

From simple things like maxing out ALL his stats meaning that he's quite literally the perfect warrior, to having him get the bloody jump on you and unleashing a few rounds of his unique plasma gun, but these pale in comparison to the goddam robot turrets he has next to him.

Seriously if you've not found a way to either deactivate the turrets or turn them against Frank, you're as good as dead.

In fact, it's advised that you do this AND bring EC company with you, AND a full party of other NPCs because you will need each and every single shred of help you can if you're to survive this onslaught.

Good luck.

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