10 Deadliest Enemies In Fallout History

Cazadores?? HA. Hold my Radaway.

Fallout deathclaw

The Fallout franchise is no stranger to presenting an utterly brutal and bleak existence to fans. In fact, many have fallen in love with the Wasteland precisely because of its punishing and disturbing take on the apocalypse.

From survival mode really making you hate HOW MUCH BULLETS BLOODY WEIGH, through to the radiation storms that will sap your very soul, The Wasteland is a horror show even at the best of times.

And that's before you start considering all the many, many things that want to kill you in this world.

Mutants, Raiders, Robots, Gary, all and many more want you dead right bloody now, and while the player can usually come out on top with a healthy dose of chems and an itchy trigger finger, there are some enemies out there that are so unbelievably deadly they should be avoided at all costs.

So let's take a look at the Wild Wasteland that are the most deadly enemies in the Fallout Franchise. Oh and because everyone is expecting it I've actually taken Cazadores OFF the list. Each time I speak about them is like a war flashback and I don't need that right now.

10. Brahmin - Fallout 2

Fallout deathclaw
Black Isle Studios

Brahmin, the two-headed cows that roam the various Wastelands are not exactly the first thing you're going to think of when it comes to deadly Fallout enemies, especially when these battered bovines aren't even classes as enemies in most cases, acting as either pack carriers or farm animals.

Yet beneath their calm cow exterior is an absolutely moo-derer so deadly that you'll likely never survive their onslaught. To be clear I'm actually referring to a single instance of cattle killers that you can find in Fallout 2 as a random encounter.

Here the Chosen One is beset by Brahmin who slowly walk towards them. It's an odd sight for sure, but before you can even ask "why the hell are all these Brahmin out here alone...?"


What?! Turns out that these are deadly exploding Brahmin that will kill you in one hit if they touch you! Truly, these are Brahmin that have some real beef with the player.

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