10 Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Gaming Moments

Thanks a lot, Konami.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 51.jpg

Making even a completely terrible video game is an enormously challenging and time-consuming process, where various arms of production must work in tandem in the hope of producing something that seems even mildly coherent.

As a result it's not terribly surprising that even brilliant games have their eccentric and peculiar moments that don't really cohere with the rest of the project, because when so many moving parts are involved, such problems are basically inevitable.

These 10 video games all baffled players with a bizarre story diversion, an overly abrupt ending, or a glitch that was the result of planned content being removed from the game prior to launch.

This can of course be for a number of reasons, though it typically comes down to either time or money (or both), with publishers wanting a game released in time for their quarterly shareholder meeting.

In each case, it's a quirk that players needed to put up with in order to enjoy the game, though sometimes it's a significant enough peculiarity to have a knock-on effect with the rest of the experience...


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