10 Most Deranged Video Game Psychopaths

The characters who have had us too scared to insert the disc.

The antagonists of video games motivated by things like money and fame are perfectly adequate. It€™s easy to loathe these characters for their selfish actions even if their behaviour does feel predictable. However, what is far more exciting is when a games developer chooses to introduce a psychopathic individual whose crazy behaviour makes it incredibly difficult to know what €“ if anything €“ motivates them. Often these gaming psychos are the most memorable aspects of the games they feature in. Their mental instability means that developers are able to have them doing utterly unpredictable actions which helps differentiate the game from your run-of-the-mill marine vs. terrorist borefest. Moreover, the intelligence and charisma often associated with psychopaths has led to some awesome gaming quotes. This isn€™t to say psychos have to have an ounce of brain-power €“ some of the most deranged can barely speak but are so violent and lacking in empathy that you can€™t deny them psychopathic status. Over the years we have encountered some truly horrifying psychopaths who had us second-guessing whether we should insert the disc. Their intense violence, unsympathetic natures and unpredictability mean that they have permanently inscribed their names into the gaming psychos hall of fame. Defined by their sickening actions, here are the 10 most deranged psychopaths in video gaming:
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