10 DESPISED Video Games You Should Play Now

It's never too late for a good second impression.

dragon age 2

When critics and audiences rip a game to absolute goddamn SHREDS, that's usually the end of it. So often we are content to just say "well, that sucked, pack it in boys, we're done here". But sometimes, every now and then, once in a blue moon, both critics and audiences are proven wrong by hindsight.

Whether it's because of later patches fixing what was wrong, changes in the social/political climate, or maturing tastes, games are reevaluated for many different reasons.

It can be difficult to convince someone to give another shot to a game they bounced right off of the first time, but with some pieces of art, it's necessary to try multiple times to really appreciate what it's doing.

These 10 games were utterly DESPISED upon release, but with the benefit of hindsight, and some years of maturity under your belt, maybe it's time to give these hated games another shot.

10. God Hand

dragon age 2
Clover Studio

God Hand simply came out at the wrong time. A time when zany Japanese games with deep mechanics and clunky controls were the source of ridicule, rather than that of every video essayist's ego. Clover Studios' beat-em-up was destined out of the gate to be a cult classic, bombing HARD here in the west. It was just too damn bizarre for mainstream audiences to get behind.

Fortunately, it's been quite some time since then, and in that time, God Hand has indeed found its people. This is thanks to its combat, which is the polygonal equivalent of a shot of adrenaline in the arm. Everything else, from the madcap enemies to the whacked-out story, to the aged-like-milk-in-the-desert movement controls, is just set dressing to the real reason you play God Hand: to lay absolute WASTE to every man, woman, and brightly colored little person in the room.

If you just want to punch a dude through the wall, and the three walls past that, all while racking up pointless but satisfying high scores, then give God Hand another go.

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