10 Devastating Video Game Openings That Totally Broke You

10. Life Is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2
Square Enix

The original Life is Strange was an emotional rollercoaster, but the opening of the second instalment eclipses anything found in that game in terms of sheer heartbreak. Picking up with new protagonist Sean, who returns home to find his younger brother being bullied by their neighbour, Brett, the introduction focuses on the mad escalation of this relatively unassuming interaction.

Getting into a fight with his brother's harasser, the skirmish ends with Sean accidentally pushing Brett to the ground, who cracks his head open on a rock. Panicking over the boy's lifeless body, a skittish police officer happens upon the scene, and tells the two boys to put their hands in the air. Drawing his gun, Sean's father rushes out to stop the altercation, but the officer pulls the trigger and shoots him dead.

It's a frantic, ridiculous escalation of drama, but the chaos of the situation truly sweeps you up in the moment. It goes from 0-100 in seconds, with the turmoil of the shooting and the fight resulting in a supernatural explosion that then kills the cop. Everything comes out of nowhere, and the game picks you up in a whirlwind of emotion and never really puts you back down.


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