10 Disgusting Video Game Achievements You Should Be Ashamed Of

The most stomach-churning achievements out there.

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Achievements and trophies have been one of the most successful video game innovations of the last 15-or-so years, giving players a dopamine-fuelled incentive to keep playing so they can hear that sweet, sweet "achievement unlocked" sound effect ring out.

At their best, achievements can make continued play both fun and organic, and while many achievements are undeniably designed to exploit players' most obsessive-compulsive instincts, others are engineered simply to gross everyone the hell out.

These video game achievements abandoned good taste, political correctness, and even basic human decency in favour of rewarding players for committing the most vile, disgusting, and heinous acts imaginable.

From playing with the contents of a toilet to weaponising various other bodily fluids, meting out a particularly gory kill, or committing a major cultural taboo, these 'cheevs were awarded only to those prepared to enthusiastically cross the line.

Even accepting the generally transgressive, off-kilter content of these games, these achievements still came wildly out of nowhere, popping for "adventurous" players who decided to indulge their most effed-up, morbid curiosities.

Naturally it goes without saying that the majority of these achievements are distinctly NSFW.

10. Turd Burglar - Duke Nukem Forever

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Nobody plays a Duke Nukem game in the pursuit of good taste, though Duke Nukem Forever truly goes beyond the pale with its infamous "Turd Burglar" achievement.

The game begins with the player taking a leak in a urinal, but those inquisitive few who take a look around the bathroom might discover some, erm, excretory deposits left in a couple of the cubicles by some truly wretched folk.

For some God-forsaken reason, the game also gives you the option to pick up an oversized chunk of the poo, swiftly triggering the aforementioned achievement.

And if that's not fun enough for you, you can always throw the turd around the bathroom, prompting Duke to quip, "A turd in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Duke Nukem Forever may have been a colossal disappointment in many ways, but at least it evidently mastered the dubious art of fecal throwing. The developers' energies were being channelled in all the right places, then...

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