10 Most Disgusting Ways To Die In Gaming

When Pac-man dies, his jaw gets ripped apart Saw-style. This, and many more, feature in our series on disgusting game deaths.

As the most beloved time of the year is merely two weeks away, I wanted to write an article that reflects this wonderful holiday. And, that €“ of course €“ is an article on the top ten most disgusting ways to die throughout gaming history. Over the years, gaming has flung absolutely revolting death scenes onto our television screens in an effort to win over the adult market. We all know that €“ ironically €“ this isn't the case, and these types of gore-fest games are either played by children or the mentally deranged. However, a game doesn't need to have gratuitous amounts of blood and guts to be considered disgusting, just some lateral thinking. Just to clarify, just because a game has some form of bloody content, doesn't make it a bad game €“ though titles on this list are certainly bad €“ that's not what this list is about. This list is about placing €“ chronologically €“ the most disgusting ways that you, as the player, can die. So let's find out the 10 Most Disgusting Ways to Die throughout Gaming History.

10. The Oregon Trail: Apple II (1971-1978) €“ Dysentery

Kicking off this festive list is a game that could fill each number by itself. The Oregon Trail €“ originally developed in 1971, but produced by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium or MECC in 1974 €“ is a quaint game about making the trip to Oregon in the age of oxen, wagons and poor health care. You begin by choosing who you want to play as, as that will determine how much money you have to make the trip with. You then, give the rest of your travellers' names €“ so the pain of losing them is all the greater €“ and once you have completed that, you start your journey. To pick one disgusting way to die in The Oregon Trail is a difficult feat indeed. You can die of measles, exhaustion, cholera €“ which causes vomiting and watery diarrhoea. Typhoid €“ a bacterial disease that causes high fevers, abdominal pain and intestinal hemorrhaging. You can be bitten by snakes; you can die from a broken leg, or from drowning. However, everyone's favourite €“ and most well-known Oregon Trail disease €“ is dysentery. Dysentery is an inflammatory disorder that causes severe bloody diarrhoea, high fevers, abdominal pain and rectal tenesmus, which is the feeling that you need to take a dump when you haven't got anything in the tank. The reason the deaths are so disgusting is that when you die from any of the plentiful ways above, you are treated to a cold callous screen that reads: "You Have Died Of Dysentery", or whatever it maybe. Dysentery has become popular on the internet because of the meme "You Have Died Of Dysentery", but in my opinion, they are all horrible. Though you don't see it, it's the thought that disgusts me.

Thomas James Hunt is a British Video Game Critic who is a rather unpleasant character in the journalism world. So brace yourself for some nasty behaviour in the form of articles.