10 Divisive Video Game Sequels That Deserve A Second Chance

So when can we admit DmC was actually amazing?

devil may cry
Ninja Theory

You shouldn't envy anyone with the job of creating an anticipated video game sequel. Sure, it's obviously exciting and rewarding to be in charge of a franchise people care so much about, but the tightrope walk of pleasing fans with a follow up that respects what the series is loved for in the first place, while trying to do something new and keep things creatively interesting, is undeniably difficult.

As the annualised Assassin's Creed saga proved, a video game franchise needs to grow and change in order to keep players interested, but trying to reinvent the wheel can also alienate fans who expect very specific things from their favourite titles. Some major names (like Resident Evil, for example) are essentially built on reinvention, but sometimes a franchise might dare to do something different and face nothing but criticism for doing so.

While all criticism is valid, it can sometimes feel like these titles get so much hate because they're not what the fans wanted them to be, rather than what they were. With enough time being put between their launch and now though, and with many of them getting "proper" follow ups that have brought the franchise back in line with what fans expect, it's time to reappraise some of gaming's most experimental sequels.


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