10 DLC Bosses Harder Than The Main Game

Extra content comes with extra pain.

Dark souls 3 slave knight gael

The point of a DLC is usually to provide players with a reason to keep playing after they've finished the main game. One reason can be a brand new selection of bosses that make for a fresh and exciting challenge.

... Or, in some cases, make you question everything you've known about the game and throw your console out the window.

Some developers understand players who've completed their game are probably looking for an even greater challenge, and they decide to kick it up a notch in DLC. These add-ons don't just provide new content, but they bring a new level of raw challenge.

The bosses introduced in these kinds of DLC are an absolute nightmare. They're faster, stronger, tankier, and overall better than any other enemy you face on the main path. If you've struggled to defeat the final boss, you've got another thing coming.

The following DLC bosses will leave even the toughest veterans of their respective titles in tears. Not even beating the game will prepare you for them.

10. Bernard - Furi

Dark souls 3 slave knight gael
The Game Bakers

Furi is a non-stop adrenaline rush where you go up against ten overpowered bosses, each posing a different kind of challenge to the player. For this reason, it's difficult to categorize your opponents, as each requires you to master different skills in order to defeat them.

That is, all except one.

The hardest and most unforgiving boss you'll fight is a secret that doesn't even appear in the story. His name is Bernard, and you can only unlock the fight with him by defeating the free DLC guardian, the Flame.

Bernard is an untextured character model that combines the fighting styles of all other bosses in the game. The duel with him is completely optional, but if you want to consider yourself a true master of Furi, this is the perfect way to test your skill.

The fight is long, fast-paced, and completely unpredictable due to the wide range of Bernard's abilities as well as his expressionless model. You need to survive nine whole phases while keeping a keen eye on the slightest change in Bernard's behavior.

He may look like a crash test dummy, but Bernard is the one dishing out the destruction.


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