10 DUMBEST Video Game Controversies That Went Too Far

8. Devil May Cry 5 Has The Cheek To Censor Its Nudity

Spider-man 2018 puddlegate

Though Devil May Cry 5 was met with a strong critical response upon its 2019 release, its overall reception wasn't entirely squeaky-clean.

Immediately after launch, players noticed something strange in the PS4 version of the game, and in western territories only. During a scene where Dante leaps through the air and catches a naked Trish in his arms, an enormous purple lens flare covers up her bum - a lens flare that wasn't present in the Japanese PS4 version, nor the worldwide Xbox and PC versions.

People speculated that this was due to Sony wanting to tone down sexual content on PS4, but because the bum-shot wasn't particularly revealing, it came across like the company was making a big ol' fuss out of nothing.

Hey Sony: we all know what butts look like. Ya'll don't need to cover them.

Anyway, things got even weirder when the lens flare was removed - but only in North America. Why? Who knows.

Most gamers agreed that this edit was utterly pointless, and much like PETA's rat problem, all Sony did was draw more attention to the scene - the exact opposite outcome their censorship attempts would indicate they wanted.


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