10 Dumbest Ways You’ve Been Sold Video Games

Remember when they tried to 'sex up' a yellow circle?

Ms Pac Man

Video games are quite a young medium, yet over the past few decades, the industry has seen a multitude of different ad campaigns, pre-order incentives and promotional tours that have tried to figure out the best way to make new releases seem as appealing as possible to a paying audience.

Unfortunately, for those of us actually buying the games, a lot of this trial and error has resulted in some absolutely ridiculous stunts, all performed in the name of selling you the biggest new titles.

Especially in today's current pre-order and hype culture, we're seeing increasingly desperate attempts from companies to get customers to pony up the cash for a new game based on dodgy promises and cringeworthy promos alone.

However, while most of these ideas amount to nothing more than inoffensive little stunts that can be easily shrugged off, in the past few years alone, players have witnessed some of the most baffling, godawful ways that publishers and retailers have tried to sell us a product.

To be fair, no matter how horrible these ideas may have been, they're never totally malicious.

It's just that, well, video game companies think their customers are stupid. But we aren't as dumb as these money-men think we are (for the most part), and unfortunately for them, their idiotic, WTF ideas have rightly received the scorn and mockery they justly deserve.

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