10 Early Video Game Abilities That Change EVERYTHING

9. Deflecting Arrows - Witcher 3

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CD Projekt RED

Arrows reportedly travel at speeds up to 150mph. Given that most cars struggle to make that speed, that is fast. Before they were largely replaced with guns and high speed ammunition, arrows were the go-to in ballistic firearms back in the day.

So it's quite remarkable that Geralt of Rivia can not only block incoming arrows with a piece of metal about four inches wide, but put enough points into the deflection skill, and he'll return them to sender as well.

Whilst not immediately available, it doesn't take long to be able to put points into the arrow deflection skill, where you'll be so grateful you did. For you see, archers in Velen are a crafty bunch, choosing to stand on the edge of your vision and only make themselves known when there's an arrow protruding from your chest.

What better way to teach them a lesson by casually deflecting their shots, or going one further and giving them a taste of their own sharp, pointy things?

Invest early, save on armour repair costs.


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