10 Earth-Shattering Video Game Plot Twists You Didn't See Coming

When your human hero finishes the story as a different species.

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Everyone loves - and hates - plot twists. The stunning reveal that leaves your brain spinning and your jaw on the floor, inflicting you with that cloying sense of shame as you wonder how on earth you didn’t spot the obvious.

It’s like a magician’s illusion - you love to learn the trick, but you can’t stand the fact it was so simple.

And yet, gaming has pulled off some absolute blinders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’s stunning reveal of Revan, Bioschock’s inspired use of the phrase ‘Would you kindly?', and Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker turning out to be a traitor.

All have become iconic moments that cemented their place in gamers’ thoroughly bamboozled minds.

But there are other games with twists as good, if not better, that performed feats of sleight-of-hand that place them proudly alongside the best the medium has to offer.


Warning: MAJOR spoilers follow.

10. The Narrator Turns Out To Be A Devil - Icewind Dale

Mass effect saren

Being a narrator is a thankless job, providing important exposition to an impatient audience only to be forgotten as soon as the game ends. But Icewind Dale pulls a surprise twist, making sure its narrator will be remembered for a long time.

The game opens with a mysterious force tormenting the remote northern region of Icewind Dale. This being D&D a group of plucky adventurers answer the call, quickly finding themselves locked in mortal combat against Belhifet, a powerful devil looking to turn the citizens of the region into a demonic army.

Naturally, our heroes win. But, just as the player is basking in the glow of a battle hard won, the calm scholarly delivery we’ve grown accustomed to devolves into psychotic, snarling rage and we learn that the man telling the story is none other than Belhifet himself. Worse, his banishment is coming to an end, and he’s itching for revenge.

The shock is immense not only because there was no hint of his devilish identity, but also because you’re left wondering if the heroes truly won. It’s a great twist, proving that even the humble narrator can be used to outstanding dramatic effect.

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