10 Easiest Soulsborne Bosses - Ranked

Prepare to... live?


Many players look back on the Soulsborne titles and think about all of the difficult times they had trying to beat the bosses, or at least just clock the main ones.

The times where players spent hours, struggling to overcome some of the most rage-inducing encounters - those days where the most notoriously difficult areas truly get you down - at times it may seem like there will never be a time to relax.

However, many people forget about some of the most painless bosses in the series. Believe it or not, there are some bosses in this game that may provide some momentary sanity relief from all of the hard times that players have to endure when playing these games.

10. Yhorm The Giant (Dark Souls III)


If there was ever a disappointing boss fight in Dark Souls III, it would be this giant for sure. The intro cutscene at the start of the game makes him out to be a super intimidating boss and it just results in this disappointing fight.

This fight is over in just 5 hits and it's really unfortunate because deep down, everyone was hoping that this fight was gonna be epic. He often spends time just trying to keep up with players. His attacks aren't even that difficult to predict or dodge either, just to add to the ease of this fight.

Some people may find this boss extremely hard if they don't have the Storm Ruler sword. The sword is obtained by killing Siegward of Catarina, or the best way to get it, which is to pick one up at the opposite end of the boss room. All you have to do is charge up the attack with the Left Heavy Attack button (L2 or LT), and then do a normal heavy attack after it's charged up. Do that 4 more times and you'll see why this fight is so easy.


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