10 Emotional Video Games That Won't Let You Go

You're not doing ANYTHING else until you hit credits.

Spec ops the line
2K Games

There isn’t much better than sitting down after a long day to get lost in an expansive video game. Gaming lets us live out all sorts of crazy fantasies, and not only do we get to experience amazing worlds, but storytellers can conjure many effective narratives along the way.

While most games provide a fun fuelled romp, every now and then certain title has a story that grips you to the core.

Gaming offers more interactive and often engaging experiences than any other form of media, letting these stories become a part of you. Not only do players get to know these characters over an extended period of time, but they get to take control and live through them, allowing you to feel everything the characters are feeling.

This immersion allows the stories and characters to stick with gamers for years after they roll credits. There have been many incredible games with great stories, but here are ten emotionally gripping journeys that wont let you go anytime soon.

10. The Last Of Us 1 & 2

Spec ops the line
Naughty Dog

The Last Of Us' characters are flawed and realistic, a perfect balance of lovable and questionable as they must do what it takes to survive in this harsh world.

Their relationships and love for each other feel so real and authentic, and it is ultimately what makes the Last of Us so gripping. The story that unfolds over these two games is shocking and heart-rending.

Even outside of the main story beats, the world that surrounds these characters is filled with stories that are sure to cut deep into the heart. For example, the story of Ish in the first game is told through notes found throughout the game. Even though you never meet Ish, his story is as engaging as anything else in this universe. In both part 1 and 2, the notes scattered throughout the world tell as rich of stories as most novels.

The war between the Wolves and Seraphites in Part II is an amazing story in and of itself, and could become an entire series all its own. The Last of Us universe is overflowing with engaging stories such as this, and are merely cherries on top of two incredible voyages.


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