10 Emotional Video Games That Won't Let You Go

8. What Remains Of Edith Finch

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What Remains of Edith Finch is an entry that is all about family. It differs from Three Fourths Home however as it is not about immediate family, but more the ancestors that are a mystery to the generations that follow them.

The Finch family has seen a lot of tragedy, and Edith returns to their summer home to figure out more about where she came from and what happened to her loved ones. She wants to learn about her family, even though she knows that there have been horrific events that have plagued their past.

As the game takes the player through the lives of the Finches that came before Edith, what she uncovers is a deep look into the heartbreaks that plague their family. Stunning music, scenery, and twists will keep you engaged throughout.

This is a a game that very much falls within the "walking simulator" genre. While What Remains doesn't offer much in terms of game play, the world and characters are so endearing that they will wrap you up in their world and won't let you go any time soon.


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