10 Emotional Video Games That Won't Let You Go

6. Spec Ops: The Line

Spec ops the line

Every year the new Call of Duty releases to massive success. While several of the COD's have had heart and compelling stories, they never quite illustrate the true terror that accompanies war.

Enter Spec Ops: The Line. At first glance this game appears to be a by the numbers third person military shooter. However, once you play through its swift campaign the story will stick with you for years.

This is a game about the horrors of war, the choices made within war, and the mental well being of the soldiers and civilians involved. Spec Ops delves into the issue of mental illness within hardened combat vets, specifically PTSD, that stem from the horrors of combat.

It is a deep and introspective look into the chaos that comes within times of war, and the affect that it has on all of those involved. With a story that was much better than anyone was expecting, this is a game that a lot of people missed. The Line is a truly unique and amazing spin on the military shooter genre.

This title draws it themes from films such as Apocalypse Now and the Hurt Locker. It nails these themes as it puts the player right in the middle of the chaos, and ultimately leaves the player horrified at their actions.


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