10 Emotionally Intense Video Game Moments You Weren't Ready For

I need to talk a walk.

It must be said, gaming has come a LONG way in regards to portraying human emotion. There's something about being connected to a given story or plot; pushing forward at your own pace, buttoning through dialogue or making choices along the way that can make a video game story more powerful than anything else.

Where in any other medium you're always resigned to being a passive participant in what's unfolding, some of the best developers on the planet know just how much to get you involved, and when to sit back and watch the ramifications of your actions.

General technological advancement has allowed for facial capture to become exponentially more emotive too - you need only look to the likes of Naughty Dog, Ubisoft and Rockstar's latest releases to essentially watch a digital movie; one leagues ahead of 2001's once mind-blowing, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

2018 set a stupidly high bar for the future in these regards too, but gaming has always had passion and heart - to degrees where it can absolutely ruin you.


Note: MAJOR spoilers for Spider-Man PS4.

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