10 Essential Tips For Actually Enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware finally fixed all the bugs, now what?

mass effect andromeda

Both fans and critics agree that Mass Effect Andromeda was a disappointment, but while the game has gained a lot of press since release, it wasn't just the much-reported facial expressions and animations that made the title such a let down. Rather, fundamentally broken gameplay stopped this latest entry in the series from becoming the game it should have been.

With that said though, despite all of its flaws, Andromeda isn't a terrible game, it's just that you have to spend so much time cutting through the fluff before you can get to the good stuff.

In fact, the game is full of so much superfluous content that you could spend the first ten hours of Bioware's latest stuck repeating the same mundane side-missions over and over, thinking that's all there is to do.

Getting rid of that fat is priority number one when booting up Andromeda, and if you know what you should be ignoring and what you should be pursuing, then you can have a cracking time with the latest Mass Effect. It still might not live up to the pedigree of the previous games, but if you focus on the things Andromeda does well, you'll actually be able to enjoy the whole experience despite its many, many flaws.


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