10 Exact Moments Hated Video Games Were Saved

Just because you trip, doesn't mean you can't finish first.

final fantasy 14
Square Enix

You never get a second chance at a good first impression. True for pretty much everything, but doubly true for video games, where audiences are not too keen on giving a bad experience another go.

But sometimes games manage it, either releasing a patch that magically does manage to fix everyone's main issues with the core game, or because you just didn't get to the good part of the game yet that ties the whole thing together.

Either situation is a risky play, betting the future of your project on whether or not audiences will respond positively to a single new development in the game.

But these games manage to walk that tightrope and come out singing, despite initial stumbling blocks, due to a single change that threw off the albatross around their necks.

10. Releasing Starter Editions - For Honor

final fantasy 14

When For Honor first hit, an initially interesting premise became bogged down by near constant network glitches and bugs. Now, normally, that would be the end of the conversation, especially since players paid $60 bucks for such an experience.

Fortunately, Ubisoft got out in front of the narrative fast, and worked to correct the issues while calming the rightly pissed fanbase. First thing they did was amend the price tag by handing out $15 "Starter Editions" that act as a nice shallow end experience of the game. These had their own servers, smaller but much easier to manage.

The dramatically lowered price attracted new players, while keeping them hooked long enough for the dev team to work on ironing out the issues with the larger game's online network.

Now, several years later, For Honor is still going strong, with a dedicated fanbase just large enough to keep everything chugging along nicely, and frequent updates to keep them coming back.


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