10 Exact Moments Sh*t Got Real In Great Video Games

When a unexpected difficulty spike derails your hopes of a smooth journey to your game's conclusion.

Dying Light Volatile
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There are times when a game dares you to doubt your ability to conquer the challenges ahead. This may happen in an online Fifa Seasons match when an eleven-year-old with Tourettes puts seven past you, one with the keeper from the penalty spot. Or if you have ever felt the dawning realization that in fact no, a wrench is not an adequate weapon to deal with a drill-wielding deep-sea diver.

These moments can be daunting but if you stick to the task, and grow the crab-like shell one needs to suffer defeat after defeat after defeat, you will come out the other side able to breathe again, as a slightly better player than when you started, at the very least (even if you lose a controller or three in the process). Here are ten times a game pointed a pistol at you and recited Ezekial 25: 17.

10. Need For Speed Carbon - Canyon Drift

Dying Light Volatile

As the name might suggest, Need For Speed doesn't take things slow, and during the Canyon Drift race, the speed of the entire game seems to triple compared with the rest of the game. You hurl downhill, sliding, revving, blurring, managing the power bar and you might experience tunnel vision as the rest of the world melts away.

Elsewhere in the title, you engage in street races and cop chases but nowhere else will you get the same sense of unrelenting momentum as you do here, stringing drifts together to keep your score ascending while the track's completion percentage ticks upwards in the top right-hand corner

When your bumper scrapes and sparks against steel barriers and rocks are especially tense moments as they don't guarantee your streak will break but will force you to recalibrate your position in the blink of an eye. And if that eye isn't on the road, then it's lights out for all involved.

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