10 Exact Moments That Saved Terrible Video Game Bosses

9. Cheesing Di Ravello - Just Cause 3

Mass Effect 3 Kai Leng
Square Enix

Resident Evil 5 sure doesn't hold a monopoly on naff final boss fights set in active volcanoes involving helicopters, though, as we come to Just Cause 3.

The game's final boss fight is against the tyrannical dictator General Sebastiano Di Ravello, and if you play it the "proper" way, it amounts to 10 soul-grindingly tedious minutes of firing away at his helicopter until its life bar is whittled down to zero.

Despite how amusingly cartoonish it sounds on paper, it's a bog-standard boss fight that feels totally tossed-off and, somehow, dreadfully boring.

But you can make it considerably more fun by cutting through the middle entirely and finishing the battle in record time.

As it turns out, you can skip the bullet sponge-y fight altogether by just tethering the chopper to a rock using your grappling hook, causing the bird to immediately careen out of the sky and explode, killing Di Ravello.

If you play it the "normal" way, it's a dreadfully generic, forgettable boss fight, but if you get smart about it, you'll likely never forget the euphoric rush of seeing the Big Bad annihilated in mere seconds.


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