10 EXACT Moments Video Game Fans Tapped Out

Another live-service shooter? Really?

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Warner Bros.

Video game fans are, in general, a pretty loyal bunch. We voluntarily engage in what is often a fairly expensive hobby, keep franchises afloat for decades, and follow our favourite game creators as they venture between publishers and developers. Maybe that’s why we can be crankier than the average media consumer when we feel wronged.

There are a variety of ways game developers and publishers can lose favour with their fan base but a few sure fire examples include wild reimaginings of franchise narratives and gameplay mechanics, a willful ignorance of fan wishes, or that old chestnut, insidious microtransactions. The entries on this list contain a selection of the above and then some but what ties them all together is taking a group of fans who were very much on board and delivering them one defining moment where the majority of them noped out. Some never to return.


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