10 Exact Moments Video Game Villains Became Obsessed With You

The villains who just love to hate...YOU.

Zenos viator Galvus
Square Enix

It makes sense that a video game's villain would be, shall we say, transfixed on you the player. They are, after all, the main thorn in the villains' side, constantly getting in the way of their plans and foiling their every scheme.

But some video game villains just take it way too damn far.

For one reason or another, some villains just have nothing better to do than mess with the hero. Whether it's because the hero has done too good a job foiling them and now the villain has a complex about it, there's some greater philosophical conflict between the two and the villain is trying to prove a point, or the villain just REALLY wants to sleep with them.

These 10 moments are where it all changed - when it became less about world domination for these villains, and more about just screwing with this one dude in particular because screw them, that's why.

10. Shaking Izanami's Hand - Persona 4

Zenos viator Galvus

At the beginning of Persona 4 you are introduced to a nameless gas station attendant, who proceeds to shake your hand and make you a bit woozy. Your powers manifest soon after.

You likely then forgot about this mysterious woman as the game went on, but right at the end, if you put it all together right, you can go to confront the attendant - who turns out to be Izanami.

See, as it turns out, this entire game has been one long litmus test for the character of the human race, with you being one of the pawns, hence your powers. Izanami has been obsessively cataloging your progress to see who comes out on top in her little game.

What costs her a higher spot on the list is that she goes Final Boss when she doesn't like her game's result, and you also have to share the spotlight with the two main suspects so it isn't ALL about you with Izanami.

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