10 Fake Game Over Screens You Need To See

Don't turn the game off. Not yet.

Killzone Shadow Fall Ending
Guerrilla Games

Traditionally speaking, Game Over screens indicate one of two things: You either just screwed up and got yourself killed, or you've reached the end-point of the main story, no matter if the game lets you continue exploring the world thereafter.

And generally, there's not much ambiguity to the matter... unless the developer has decided to be a tad sneaky and toy with players' preconceptions of what a video game should be.

And that's exactly what these 10 video games did so masterfully, throwing up fakeout death screens and not-so-final closing credit sequences, only to pull the rug out moments later and reveal that the game was still very much afoot.

Meta-narratives may be a far more common conceit nowadays, but back when these games hit stores, they felt genuinely ahead of their time with their truly unexpected sleights of hands.

Basically, if you claim you didn't fall for the trick in each case, most people probably won't believe you, and rightly so.

From gloriously goofy fourth wall-breaking moments to Game Over scenarios that genuinely left players panicking about when they last saved, these 10 fake endgames are about as ingeniously convincing as they come.


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