10 Famous Gaming 'Villains' You Didn't Realise Were Heroes

10. Akuma

Game: Street Fighter II Turbo Akuma is one of the most iconic villains from the Street Fighter series. With a name that translates to "Great Demon," his black clothing, and glowing red eyes, there's no way anyone could argue that Akuma is an all-out villain in the most traditional sense. But, wait. Akuma never really does anything too villainous in the games, even in his canonical back story. Everything Akuma does it in order to hone his skills to become the greatest fighter of all time, much like many of the other fighters in the series. In fact, Akuma could be seen as the most honourable of the bunch, as he only ever fights those he believes may have a chance of beating him. Sure, on a few occasions he wound up killing his opponents from going overboard with force. None were exactly weaklings though, and his own dream is to die in battle from someone stronger than himself.
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