10 Famous Video Game Franchises That Haven't Made Anything Good In Years

There's flogging a dead horse, and then there's what these have become...

Silent Hill 3

Longterm success in any field is immensely difficult to attain.

Sure, the MCU makes crafting 20 good-to-great movies over the space of a decade look like a cake walk, but it takes a lot of effort and even the occasional misstep for most video game franchises to deliver quality experiences for that long.

Sadly, the games on this list are a testament to just how difficult that creative process is. They might have started off strong with a string of releases that captured imaginations across the globe, but eventually they all ran out of steam and spent years - sometimes even decades - as a shadow of their former selves.

However, these games are also reflective of how one great idea or concept can see fans stick around through thick and thin, hoping that one day a franchise might reclaim its former glory.

It's the hope that kills you.

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