10 Fan Backlashes That SAVED Video Games

Without the infamous Craig debacle, Halo Infinite would've been released a hot mess.

Halo infinite
343 Industries

One of the best things about the modern era of gaming is the more wide-open dialogue that players have with the people creating their games. If there's a problem, there's an easy way for fans to address it through social media.

And while this unfortunately often results in developers being harassed over menial, subjective "issues," it can also be a powerful way for gamers to ensure they're not taken advantage of by money-grubbing publishers or sub-par work.

A backlash is the last thing any publisher or developer wants, but sometimes they'll take a calculated risk, that invoking the ire of x number of players is worth the commercial gain of whatever they've done.

But sometimes the controversy is so overwhelming and sustained for such a long period that it actually forces the bigwigs to pivot and do something about it.

And in the long run, the result is a superior game which actually benefitted from an embarrassing period of ridicule, even though the publishers in particular might see things a little differently.

For players, though, these games were all substantially improved by putting the pressure on those in charge and refusing to let up...

10. The Art Style That "Looks Like Poop" - Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

Halo infinite

The pre-release hype for Castlevania's spiritual successor, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, sure was something. Until the first gameplay footage was released, that is.

Fans immediately expressed disappointment with almost every aspect of the game's visual design, from its flat lighting to its low-fi character models, dull environments, and wonky animations, with many comparing its roughshod aesthetic to what would be expected from a pre-alpha version of a game.

Perhaps more succinctly, one offended fan simply said the art style "looks like poop."

But rather than dig their heels in and push ahead blindly, developers ArtPlay opted to go back and give the overall visual style a major upgrade, ensuring the entire aesthetic looked more polished and vibrant.

Hilariously, the publisher even debuted this nifty new look with a trailer which poked fun at the backlash while comparing the improved version with the bland, muddy original one.

That added hard work certainly paid off, as Bloodstained released to strong reviews and quickly became a best-seller on Steam.


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