10 Fan-Demanded Video Game Sequels That Should NEVER Happen

Be careful what you wish for.


When it comes to the world of video games, you can guarantee your favourite titles are going to be turned into major franchises. This industry doesn't really work on one-offs, and there's a good chance that even a poorly received game will return for at least one more round.

Likewise, just because a franchise has ended, that doesn't mean it's gone forever, and more often than not these titles will be rebooted at some point down the line.

However, there are some games that, for whatever reason, haven't received a sequel or been revived. These are huge titles that once dominated the gaming landscape, and turn up on wishlists every single time a big event like E3 rolls around.

At one point, these follow ups would have been no-brainers. The previous instalments were excellent, and the fan demand has always been through the roof, but as the saying goes, you should be careful what you wish for. These are releases that will never stop being shouted about, but just like demanded sequels such as Mirror's Edge: Catalyst proved, the reality of what these projects would actually turn into is a far cry from the pitch-perfect versions fans have in their heads.

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