10 Fan Theories That Make Your Favourite Video Games Super Depressing

No ending is ever too happy to tear apart.

legend of zelda majora's mask

The world can be a pretty dark and depressing place. Luckily, we have better things to do than pay attention to it, like playing video games.

Oftentimes, games offer us an escape into bright and colourful landscapes - places where good people always come out on top and make the world a better place for everyone. There's no better feeling than finishing the game as a hero, knowing that thanks to you, the day is saved and sunshine has returned to the land.

However, we're also a bitter and cynical lot, and so we're always suspicious of a happy ending, constantly searching for a notable tear that can rip away the saccharine facade and reveal the darkness underneath.

Indeed, it's always fun to read someone else's take on a particular title. They provide a new perspective on some of our favourite stories, turning simple tales of good vs. evil into tragic stories of loss and failure.

Whether they're true or not, people have invested a lot of time and effort looking into these theories, and some of them can really make you think about what you're seeing on the screen.

10. The Companion Cubes In Portal Contain People

legend of zelda majora's mask

A recurring joke throughout Portal is GLaDOS hinting that your faithful Companion Cube might actually be alive, warning you to ignore it if it starts talking to you, and mocking you by suggesting it was trying to say "I love you" when you destroyed it.

One theory thinks there might actually be some truth to this...

See, GLaDOS has run her tests on numerous subjects before Chell and yet we never see any bodies. This theory posits that GLaDOS incorporated them into the tests, placing them into the cubes so that they would be disposed of in the incinerator by the unwitting next subject.

The horrifying implication is that they might not necessarily be dead. If a subject breaks their leg and is unable to continue, GLaDOS would still dispose of them. The real reason she warns you not to pay attention to any voices coming from the cube, is because she doesn't want you catching on that there's a person trapped inside.

A person who you kill.

This theory even has some official support in the Portal 2 Lab Rat comic, whose main character believes he hears voices coming from the cubes. It's revealed to all be in his head, but could still be hinting towards the truth.


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