10 Features Pokémon Sword & Shield Desperately Needs

We know how to catch Pokémon. Please don’t show us again.


With Pokémon Sword & Shield coming to home consoles for the first time ever, it’s not only one of the Switch’s flagship releases this year, but one of the Pokémon franchise’s most hotly anticipated games ever.

The titles have always been popular, but Pokémon Go, Let’s Go and Detective Pikachu have ensnared more casual fans back in too. Added to that, the massive success of the Switch means a lot of players who weren't necessarily committed enough to Nintendo to support the handheld are now fully on board and ready for Pokémon's eighth Generation.

With the game almost guaranteed to be a massive seller, there are a few things Game Freak could do to ensure this is a game worthy of its new popularity.

The added power of the Switch, promise of a more rounded RPG style game and massive momentum means expectations are sky high. If Pokémon delivers some of these most wanted elements, they'll have defied even the most optimistic of fans.

Pokémon has always been a great game, but there’s no doubting it could stand for an update or two. With the Switch bringing us the best Mario & Zelda games of the decade, all eyes are on Sword & Shield.


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