10 Features That Should Be Standard In Every Fighting Game

Why aren't they in every game?

In most genres, quantity of content is king over all else. Most AAA titles are praised for having the most content available to see, with the most superfluous game modes and generic side activities to keep you busy. Fighting games aren't like that. In fighters, mechanical depth is the most important aspect of the experience. It doesn't matter how €œlong€ the game is, all that matters is having tight, polished mechanics with a plethora of features to enhance those components. As such, a few added extras can really go a long way in making that "perfect" fighting game experience for players. With this in mind, it should be noted that these things won't make or break an experience, but they should always be included nonetheless. If you've played any amount of fighters, you've probably found one or two features that make you think aloud €œwhy isn't this in every game!€. That€™s this list. Whether it€™s something as simple as deeper customisation or as impactful as better community management, there€™s always something your favourite fighting game doesn't do quite right that some other game nails, making you wonder why everyone doesn't just copy the games that get it right. Many of these features seem simple enough to implement, so why not?
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