10 Features The PS5 Desperately Needs

9. Picture-In-Picture For Streaming Apps

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One of the PS5's neatest features is the ability to snap "game help" videos and your friends' livestreamed gameplay to the side of the screen while playing your own games, creating a picture-in-picture effect not unlike the Xbox One's defunct Snap mode.

With the PS5's beefier hardware it runs decidedly more smoothly than it did on the Xbox One, though at launch it also feels like Sony have scarcely scratched the surface of its utility.

Above all else, it'd be fantastic for the most popular streaming apps - such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Twitch - to be included in the PiP functionality.

It'd be great to casually watch TV and movies while working through the grindier parts of games, or even use YouTube to watch Let's Play videos alongside your own playthrough.

It's entirely possible that Sony is deliberately holding these features back in order to push its own game help feature, but in our multi-tasking present, this pretty much feels like an essential inclusion.

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