10 Features You Didn't Know Were Cut From Classic Video Games

9. Perfect Dark Would Have Let You Play As Yourself (Or Anybody Else)

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Although it lacked the James Bond license, Perfect Dark was treated by developer Rare as the spiritual sequel to GoldenEye 007, so it makes sense that it would try to up the ante on "play as any Bond" with "play as any person."

During development, the team worked on a revolutionary feature codenamed "PerfectHead". It would have allowed players to take photos of their faces using the Game Boy Camera and transfer them to their copy of Perfect Dark, with these photos then being applied as facial textures for characters in multiplayer.

Essentially, you could have played as yourself or as anybody else who let you take a grainy Game Boy photo of them. It was a lot like the NBA 2K facial scan feature, but without all the eldritch horror.

Rare's originally stated reason for removing the feature was technical issues, but members of the development team later admitted it was due to a lack of control over what kinds of images might be used.

See? Even back in 2000, trolls were the reason we couldn't have nice things.


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