10 Features You Didn't Know Were Cut From Classic Video Games

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance would've been VERY different...


During the development phase, a video game will usually go through a lot of content that is cut before the final product is released. It might seem wasteful, but it's an important part of the process - throwing stuff together without removing what doesn't work is how we ended up with Sonic '06.

The thing is, most features that are discarded remain completely unknown to the public, leaving us to speculate about what might've been deleted from certain titles before we got our hands on them.

Maybe Halo was originally a BurgerTime spin-off starring Master Chef? Maybe the first version of Pong had an advanced physics engine and high-poly 3D graphics before being simplified for style?

Maybe, at some point early in development, Mighty No. 9 was actually fun. Na, that last one is just too preposterous.

But even though game development is usually a tightly guarded process, every now and then we get a glimpse at the features that were removed from our favorite video games before they hit store shelves.

Sometimes, those older versions would've been even better.


Jeff Silvers is a freelance comedy writer and recipient of several prestigious participation certificates.