10 Flawless Video Game Villains Who Deserved To Win

Your life's work to overthrow the galaxy? Impressive tbh.

Dr doom marvel ultimate alliance

For as long as there have been video games, there's always been a big baddie at the end that needs defeating.

Often these villains are shown to be the antithesis of the playable protagonist, concocting sinister plans that can vary from the simple to the outlandish. These characters are usually presented as colourful, and are pivotal in pushing the plotline forward with their ultimate demise making for a fitting finale.

But, what happens when video games throw a villain into the mix that really deserves the win more than the player?

Sometimes a baddie comes along that, despite the odd heinous act or moment of unhinged madness, just speaks too much sense that players begin to doubt whether they're really on the right side.

In fact, some developers have even taken it upon themselves to make it a point of spelling out to players that the real villains throughout the whole playthrough has been the protagonist they've been controlling the whole time.

10. The Colossi - Shadow Of The Colossus

Dr doom marvel ultimate alliance
Bluepoint Games

Anyone who has played either the original or remake version of Shadow of the Colossus will know how less-than-ambiguous the actions of the player are from a moral standpoint.

Trekking across the Forbidden Land, players are tasked with killing sixteen huge idols in order to resurrect their dead girlfriend. Right from the off, however, the game makes it known that these bosses aren't the real villains of the piece - you are.

Coming in all manner of wondrous shapes and sizes, the Colossi are shown to be wholly innocent beings, existing off the land for countless years longer than Wander. It's a unique dynamic, and one that is sure to leave a foul taste lingering with the player after every boss they slay.

Sadly, the only way of making sure the innocent Colossi are able to continue living on is by simply putting the controller down and leaving the game alone, which... is a far less fun experience.


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