10 Free Games For Apple Products You Should Waste Time Playing

Gaming If you're anything like me, you like your games fast, fun, and free. I don't like paying for things that I don't need nor do I like paying for things that are going to be distracting me from working and making more money. However, I don't like to work very much, so I play games. You see this vicious cycle I've become a part of? When I first got my iPod Touch, I assumed that all of the good games were going to cost the standard $2.99 or so, which sucks. It's not an exorbitant amount of money for a game that could yield hours of procrastination, by any means, but when you start to think that $2.99 isn't a lot, you end up buying ten games and there goes $30, which is an incredible amount of money to spend on games. I learned, though, that if you know what you're looking for and keep up with the trends, you can find some pretty good games for absolutely free that you wouldn't mind playing for the next forever. This list is my personal ten games that are always loaded on my iPod. It is also a way to get my readers to suggest new free games to me that I can become obsessed with. Tricky, tricky. So, if you don't see your favorite free game in this list, please provide it for me in the comments below so that I can immediately download it and become addicted to it.
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