10 Funniest FIFA 15 Glitches You Must See

We swear, he just flew away with the ball!

Fifa Glitch Gif Let's be honest: FIFA has become a culture. The video game that is, not the corrupted, bureaucratic ruling body of world football. Every September, when the latest annual game in the series drops, often boasting no more than a few kit upgrades, player rating tweaks, a new menu interface and an updated player roster, a transition period begins up until Christmas where gamers in the UK switch from last year's version to the next, rinse and repeat ad infinitum for ever more. By the new year the majority have made the switch, having their first lad's-night-in FIFA tournament, packing an unlimited supply of rage quit ammunition and racial slurs to throw at the 12-year old French kid online, who screws up the virtual pro match by picking the keeper and running out of his net up the pitch, leading to an abundance of attempts to blatantly foul him. Then there's your girlfriend, who you dare to beat you, often offering up absurd stakes (€œBeat me on FIFA and I'll clean the bathroom for a month€). She almost never does which, of course, is why you made the bet. FIFA 15 is the latest installment of the series which dropped a little over a week ago and, as has become custom with new versions of the game, the web has become littered with blogs and vines, YouTube videos and tweets showcasing a plethora of bugs, glitches and hacks players have found, that proves FIFA's track record of hilarious programming cock-ups remains intact. We've filtered through them all to find you the ten most bizarre, the ten most botched and the ten most amusing of what the web (and the game) has to offer. (Pre-emptive Disclaimer: Not every written word in this piece is meant to be taken seriously.)
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